Eco-art Caucus meeting report, February 23, 2012, WCA National Conference, Los Angeles

The WCA national Eco-art Caucus met on Thursday, February 23, 2012 during the National WCA conference in Los Angeles.  In addition to networking and enjoying a slideshow of members’ eco-art projects, members participated in a visioning exercise meant to help us develop possible projects and goals of the group.

During the exercise, Danielle Eubanks and Sandra Mueller asked everyone to answer and then discuss the following question:  “As a national caucus, what do you most want to do, or make happen with other eco-artists?”  Following an individual and group discussion process, participants were then asked to list “Project(s) of highest interest that you heard about today.”  Members who were not present at the meeting are encouraged to send in their responses as well.  Here is a synopsis of the results:

1.  Members of the group were interested in raising awareness and addressing issues of sustainability, making an effort to inform and inspire through activities including:

  • Exhibitions – venues could include local and traveling gallery shows as well as online projects
  • Collaborative projects – could involve chapter exchanges or geographically extended networks (e.g. quilt or traveling sketch book projects)
  • Individual or group collaborations – setting up “eco-buddy” systems pairing artists or groups in different cities or locations
  • Large-scale projects such as planting groves, creating a green energy room, producing billboards, circulating posters, etc.

2.  Members also want to work with community and environmental groups on environmental issues of importance at global and local levels.  Project ideas include:

  • Creating art from junk
  • Commemorating specific eco-days (International Water Day – March 22; Earth Day – April 22) with projects including member blogging and exchange of information
  • PSA assistance
  • Denali National Park residency

3.  Members think it is important to create an identity for the group – a globally recognizable logo, a blog to capture ideas and projects, a database for projects and images (e.g. WEAD), an eco-specific artist residency program in collaboration with other organizations.

The Caucus elected two chairs, Anukriti Sud Hittle (Mid-continent representative) and Deborah Thomas (Pacific representative).  We continue to look for a third chair representing the Atlantic region.


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