“Wilderness Mind: Dissolving Duality” exhibition opens featuring WCA LA Eco-art Collective artists

“Blue Moon over LA” — photo by Marie Cenkner

Although, on first impression, “wilderness” may call to mind places of intense experience in nature, far from civilization, it reveals itself to be more a state of mind that defies location, either geographical or imaginary — one in which social structure relaxes, logic slips away, and time and space collapse.  Artists in this exhibition discover natural wonder in many places – from Antarctic icebergs to carcasses of dead birds.  And just as they respect wilderness in all of its manifestations — locating it everywhere from the most remote of uncharted destinations to the urban backyard — they seek a complete relationship with the natural world that includes responsibility and respect for the global interface of ecosystems, be they planetary or microscopic, that humans unavoidably impact.

“Wilderness Mind:  Dissolving Duality” includes work that ranges from photography to painting, performance, and installation.  It spans a continuum of references to water from suburban irrigation systems to bergy bits of Antarctica; to wildlife, including Barr owls and trout from the Sierras; and to locations from San Pedro Harbor to Mozambique.

Curated by Deborah Thomas, the exhibition includes work by artists Carolyn Applegate, Ulla Barr, Marie Cenkner, Danielle Eubank, Ann Isolde, J. J. L’Heureux, Nancy Lissaman, Meg Madison, Hiroko Momii, MaryLinda Moss, Sandra Mueller, Annemarie Rawlinson, Deborah Thomas and France White, all members of the Los Angeles Eco-art Collective of the Southern California Women’s Caucus for Art.  Related upcoming events include a summer solstice celebration, June 24; focus on expeditions, July 22; and more.

Wilderness Mind:  Dissolving Duality  at Angel’s Gate Cultural Center, Main Gallery, May 20 through August 18; opening reception May 20, 12 – 5 pm with curator’s talk at 2 pm.  For more information visit http://www.angelsgateart.org.



  1. This is going to be a terrific show. Great art and a great environmental message.

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