Eco-art Caucus meeting at 2013 WCA Conference NYC Building Community February 13-17

Those of us who are lucky enough to attend this year have a wonderful opportunity to make the Eco-art Caucus a more vibrant, viable source of inspiration and connection across the country.

This year's session will be held on Thursday, February 14th from 1:00 - 2:15 pm at the New York Hilton, the conference hotel for both WCA and CAA.

Our room number has not been established yet, so keep an eye out for an email or a sign at the conference. We will also have someone at registration before the meeting guiding people to the location.

The intention of the meeting is three-fold:
To establish community 
To solidify a means of communication 
To plan for 2013 activities which will include a national collaborative project around Earth Day 

Additionally, we are inviting members to participate in other ways:
We are looking for keen East coast folks to join the Eco-art Caucus leadership team. This could be very simple and nominal or jumping in with two feet, depending on your availability and interest. If you are interested, please let Anu or MaryLinda know.

If you are not able to attend the WCA conference in New York, do not worry! An email will be sent out after the meeting to let you know how to connect up with your local and national counterparts in the Eco-Art Caucus.
Reminder:  Please renew your annual national WCA and chapter membership if you 
haven't already done so and be sure to check "Eco-art Caucus" on the form. This 
email is going to all Eco-art Caucus members from 2012 as well as those who have 
already renewed for 2013. Future email updates will only go to those listed as 
current members in the WCA website member directory.
We hope some of you will come to the WCA conference fired up, ready to give this Eco-art Caucus what you feel it deserves so we can move forward. We look forward 
to hearing from you all!
MaryLinda MossWCA member and Eco-art Caucus meeting leader
and active member of 
the SoCal WCA Eco-art Collective imarylinda@aol.com323 369-2923
Anu HittleEco-Art Caucus mid-continent

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